The Emerging Professional in Commercial Real Estate (EPCRE) course series provides a fundamental understanding of the workings of the industry, for newer professionals in any discipline. We asked experts in multiple disciplines, “What do you know now that you wish you had learned earlier in your career?” Their answers formed the basis of a multidisciplinary curriculum designed to provide the younger professional with an understanding of the larger industry, in order to contribute more, and be more effective, in her or his role.

Why earn the EPCRE credential?

Commercial real estate is a knowledge-intensive industry, in which much of
what is needed for advancement has typically been shared only with the select mentored few. AICREEa��s Emerging Professionals curriculum distills the fundamental knowledge of the industry and its workings into a series of courses available to anyone who has the drive and professionalism to succeed.

When you complete the EPCRE curriculum, you will have an understanding of the industry that typically takes professionals a decade or more to gain. You will be in a position to leverage your expertise in your own discipline by working more effectively with other professionals, because you will understand their goals, contributions, and perspectives. You will know how to advance your career through networking and involvement with industry organizations. And you will be able to demonstrate your mastery of the fundamental workings of the industry, and your commitment to learning and professionalism, to employers and clients.

Completing the EPCRE curriculum will give you an advantage over your peers, because you will know more, sooner. Upon completion of the EPCRE course series,

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candidates may apply to take a comprehensive exam. Candidates who complete the exam with a passing grade will earn the EPCRE credential. Once you have earned the EPCRE credential, you can showcase your achievement by adding EPCRE to your name a�� on your business card, letterhead, website, and email signature. But even more important than that, you will have the knowledge and skills to advance faster in your chosen profession.

The EPCRE Curriculum

The EPCRE curriculum systematically examines the workings of the commercial real estate industry, beginning with an overview of the industry and its fundamental financial concepts, and continuing through the each step of real estate cycle. Each course covers the concepts, players and problems encountered at that stage in the process. The final three courses lay the groundwork for the emerging professionala��s continued development by identifying critical areas for professional growth, providing methods for assessing ongoing needs, and strategies for continued advancement.

Required Courses

Note: All courses are 1 hour, except for the Comprehensive Exam, which is 2 hours. Courses are listed in recommended sequence. The CCLS will not be awarded until the candidate has taken all required courses and passed the comprehensive exam.

Overview of the Commercial Real Estate Industry
Essential Financial Concepts
Investment Analysis
The Acquisition Process
The Financing Process
Development and Construction
Property Management
Tax Strategies for Increasing Wealth
Workouts and Bankruptcy
Strategies for Advancement 1: Gaining and Demonstrating Skills and Knowledge
Strategies for Advancement 2: Networking and Industry Involvement
Strategies for Advancement 3: Overcoming Obstacles and Developing Leadership
Comprehensive Exam (2 hours)