The Certified Commercial Leasing Specialist (CCLS) credential is specifically for brokers, asset and property managers, attorneys, and lease administrators who need an in-depth understanding of leasing issues to excel at their jobs. The courses in the curriculum provide an in-depth understanding of all the issues involved in leasing. Upon completion of the Certified Commercial Leasing Specialist courses, candidates apply to take a comprehensive exam. Candidates who complete the exam with a passing grade will earn the CCLS credential.The CCLS credential may be renewed by taking three hours of qualifying courses annually thereafter.

Why earn the CCLS Credential?

The CCLS curriculum provides a thorough understanding of the issues involved in commercial leasing. By completing the curriculum and passing the exam, you will have demonstrated your mastery of the that knowledge. In addition, earning the Certified Commercial Leasing Specialist credential will demonstrate to your clients that you have a commitment to learning and professionalism that that distinguishes you from others in your profession. Once you have earned the CCLS credential, you can showcase your achievement by adding CCLS to your name a�� on your business card, letterhead, website, and email signature.

The CCLS Curriculum

The CCLS curriculum covers the landlorda��s and tenanta��s planning process; fundamental lease lease terms, not only from the financial and legal perspectives, but with real-world examples of how the terms play out during the course of a lease; basic building issues that can affect leases; and lease negotiation strategy and process.

Required Courses

Note: All courses are 1 hour, except for the Comprehensive Exam, which is 2 hours. Courses are listed in recommended sequence. The CCLS will not be awarded until the candidate has taken all required courses and passed the comprehensive exam.

Planning: The Landlord Perspective
Planning: The Tenant Perspective
Leases Compared: Office, Retail, Big Box, Industrial
Understanding Building Operations
Comparing Buildings: Measurements and Allocations, Amenities, Security, Janitorial, Parking and Other Tenants Credit Enhancements: Security Deposits, Letters of Credit, Lease Bonds and Guaranties
Assignment, Subleasing, Exclusive Use Clauses, Cotenancies, and Radius Clauses
Expansion, Contraction, Recapture, Relocation, Extension and Contraction Rights
Operating Costs and Taxes
Disasters Big and Small: Insurance, Indemnity, Subrogation and Remedies
Defaults and Remedies
The Work Letter
Negotiating the Letter of Intent and the Lease
Comprehensive Exam (2 hours)

CCLS Continuing Education

In every calendar year following the year in which an individual earns the CCLS credential, the individual must complete three hours of qualified continuing education credit through AICREE to maintain his or her accreditation.