AICREE is dedicated to providing the best possible education programs for you, the commercial real estate professional. AICREE’s programs draw on the most knowledgeable experts from around the country to bring you timely, practical information to use in your career or business. The Convenience of On-Line Programs Your life has never been busier, but you still need to build your professional knowledge and skills to advance in your career. AICREE helps by bringing top-quality programs to your

desktop or laptop. Live webinars allow you to interact with panelists in real time via email; on-demand programs give you the option of learning anytime and anyplace, on your schedule. Through AICREE, you can learn what you need to learn, when you want to learn it. A� General programs Courses provide you with cutting edge information on topics including Construction and Development, Demography and Diversity, Economics, Finance, Human Resources, Investment, Law and Taxation, Leadership, Leasing, Management and Technology, Property Management, REITs, Skills, and Sustainability.

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Product-Specific Programs To address issues of particular product types, AICREE calls on professionals with who can bring insight on developing issues with Industrial, Medical Office, Multifamily, Office, and Retail property sectors. Certified Commercial Leasing Specialist The Certified Commercial Leasing Specialist (CCLS) credential is specifically for brokers, asset and property managers, attorneys, and lease administrators who need an in-depth understanding of leasing issues to excel at their jobs. The courses in the curriculum provide an in-depth understanding of all the issues involved in leasing. Starting with the landlorda��s and tenanta��s planning process, the curriculum examines fundamental lease terms, not only from the financial and legal perspectives, but with real-world examples of how the terms play out during the course of a lease. In addition, the curriculum provides grounding in basic building issues that can affect leases, and addresses lease negotiation strategy and process. Upon completion of the Certified Commercial Leasing Specialist courses, candidates apply to take a comprehensive exam. Candidates who complete the exam with a passing grade will earn the CCLS credential.The CCLS credential may be renewed by taking three hours of qualifying courses annually thereafter. Emerging Professionals The Emerging Professional in Commercial Real Estate (EPCRE) course series provides a fundamental understanding of the workings of the industry, for newer professionals in any discipline. We asked experts in multiple disciplines,a�?What do you know now that you wish you had learned earlier in your career?a�?. Their answers formed the basis of a multidisciplinary curriculum designed to provide the younger professional with an understanding of the larger industry, in order to enable the younger professional to contribute more, and be more effective, in her or his role. The professional who completes the curriculum will not only have a firmer grasp of the industry, but will also have an understanding of how to continue her or his professional development. Upon completion of the EPCRE course series, candidates may apply to take a comprehensive exam. Candidates who complete the exam with a passing grade will earn the EPCRE credential.